As of February 2018 the herd currently boasts the following Shorthorn highlights:-

One 100T cow, two 75T and five 50t cows
with the following herd classifications - 8 EX, 13VG, 16GP and 5G

Enquiries about the Shorthorns might be answered on their web site, click on the link below

Shorthorn Society

M Olive

Marleycote Olive 16 EX91-3E

By Hunday Major
Dam - Marleycote Olive 11 VG88

Gdam M Olive 8 EX92, 3rd Dam M Olive VG88

1st Junior Cow Great Yorkshire Show 2014

5th lact 9414kg at 4.36% fat and 3.59% prot

2018 update - She has a Prince 4 daughter doing 30kg in her 1st, yet to scored and a Prides Prophet daughter doing 27kg and predicted to do 7914kg in 305, scored GP84 as a heifer

Marleycote Princess Jill 24

Marleycote Princess Jill 24

By Carrousel Regiment Red
Honourable Mention 2013 All Britain Awards
Nominated for the International Photo Comp
LTY 88,550 in 10 lactations and calved her 11th in Dec 2017,
now giving 51kg/day

10th lact 9930kg in 305 days at 4.56% fat and 3.4% protein
She's 3rd gen VG /EX

2018 update - She had a Verbs Viscount heifer this time and a 2016 Reiver heifer, she's also dam of Marleycote Royal Flush VG87 x Prince 4

m songstress 13

Marleycote Songstress 13 VG88
By Marleycote Rampage

2nd calf 2nd Junior cow in milk Expo 2013
Dam is VG86 then M Songstress 8 EX91-3E (see below)
LTY 63,198kg in 5 lactations and calved her 6 th in Oct 17,
Pred 9544kg this lact

Her son by Belagio (M Mustang) sold to the Allon Holstein & Ayrshire herd
All Britain Overall Champion 2013 and UK nomination for International Photo comp

2018 update - she has a July 2017 daughter by Treeton Pingereley


Marleycote Songstress 8 EX91-3E

by Morwick Sand Ranger

Our 1st ever 100t cow
- now LTY 117,880kg
Winner of Shorthorn Gold Cup 2015, 9* brood cow
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Photographic Competition 2007
Winner of the 2013 Shorthorn Gold Cup
Reserve in 2012 Shorthorn Gold Cup

Dam of three VG progeny already
Son by West Spital Regiment sold to the Ashgrove herd

2018 update - Gave 12,400kg in her 10th, due April 2018 to Royal flush
2016 Heifer from her x Hunday Major
am of Marleycote Dilemma VG88- semen available

m chatter 20

NEW - Marleycote Chatter 20 VG87

By Llandovery Jinnys Empire

Dam - Marleycote Chatter 16 EX91-2E

Hon Mention Champion UK Dairy Expo 2017
Reserve Junior Champion UK Dairy Expo 2016
1st lact 8553kg 4.59% F 3.17% P 292d

2018 update - Pred to 10,190kg with her 2nd,
August 2018 daughter by Dilemma this august,
Due with her 3rd in June to Hoffman

m fleur 33

NEW - Marleycote Fleur 33 EX90-3E

By Lagace Modem

Dam - Fleur 3rd EX93-3E
She's one of 2 EX, 1 VG and 1 GP siblings

Sister to M Fleur 12 EX92-3E dam of Marleycote Reiver- semen available

5th lact 9125kg 305 days at 4.22% fat and 3.25% protein

2018 update - Calved her 6th in June 2017 pred 9782kg this time

m fleur 49

NEW- Marleycote Fleur 49 EX91

By Kayl Outback

Dam - Marleycote Fleur 41st VG88
Gdam - M Fleur 24 VG89 (below)
Completes 4 gens VG or EX

LTY 34,75kg in 3 lacts
Gave 12,746kg at 4.18% fat and 3.51% protein in her 3rd

Marleycote Lincoln son x Jack sold to a Holstein herd
1st Intermediate cow GYS 2016

2018 update - Due March 2018 to Hoffman

Marleycote Fleur 24

Marleycote Fleur 24 VG89

By Marleycote Cosmonaut

Dam - Fleur EX93-3E
She's one of 5 EX, 3 VG and 1 GP siblings
She's a full sister to M Thunder at Genus
Gdam of M Fleur 49 (above)

Lty 49,190kg in 5 lactations
Her son Desparate Dan sold to the Ashgrove herd

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