Marleycote Shorthorns as at April 2016  8 EX, 16VG, 13GP, 6G and 1P

Shorthorn highlights include:-

Five 50t cows and two 75t cows

Enquiries about the Shorthorns might be answered on their web site, click on the link below

Shorthorn Society

M Olive

Marleycote Olive 16 EX90

By Hunday Major from Marleycote Olive 11 VG88

Gdam M Olive 8 EX92, 3rd Dam M Olive VG88

1st Junior Cow Great Yorkshire Show 2014

4th lact pred 9360kg in 305 days

She has a Nov 15 heifer x Antisipation, Dec 14 heifer x Prophet
and a Jan 14 heifer x Belagio

Marleycote Princess Jill 24

New - Marleycote Princess Jill 24

By Carrousel Regiment Red
Honourable Mention 2013 All Britain Awards
Nominated for the International Photo Comp
LTY 72,225 in 9 lactations and still milking 26kg per day
Pred 9943 with her 9th , due her 10th in Sept 2016 to Reiver

She's 3rd gen VG /EX,
She has a VG daughter x Maverick
She has an August 15 bull x Prince 4

M Princess Jill 25

Marleycote Princess Jill 26 EX90
By Jinnys Empire

3rd calf 3rd Senior cow in milk Expo 2013
Dam of Princess Jill 31 EX93 Champion and Best udder Expo 2013 & 2015
2015 Breed and Reserve Interbreed Champion Balmoral 2015
Dam is EX90 then VG89 then VG85
Sept 2011 daughter by Treeton Pimp
Over 8500kg with her 3rd
Calved her 4th in Nov 13 a bull X Blizzard, M Storm (light roan) for sale


m songstress 13

Marleycote Songstress 13 VG86
By Marleycote Rampage

2nd calf 2nd Junior cow in milk Expo 2013
Dam is VG86 then M Songstress 8 EX90 (see below)
LTY 43,156kg in 4 lactations and still doing 31kg,
Pred 11,037kg with 4th, Due July 2016 to Pingerly

Her son by Belagio (M Mustang) sold to the Allon Holstein & Ayrshire herd
Sept 2011 daughter by Rose Royce and Nov 2012 heifer by Landmine

All Britain Overall Champion 2013 and UK nomination for International Photo comp

Marleycote Peggy 23

Marleycote Peggy 23 VG 85

By STBVQ Rubens
Dam - M Peggy 2 EX92 Gdam Peggy EX90
Gave 8949kg at 3.39% fat and 3.34% prot with her 1st

Lty 42400 in 4 lactations still doing 28kg,
Pred 11,841kg with 4th due sept to Hoffman,
June 15 heifer x Peggys Crusader

Reserve Junior Champ GYS 2012



Reserve Champion Shorthorn Photographic Competition 2007

VG daughter by Marleycote Jack

Reserve in 2012 Shorthorn Gold Cup
Winner of the 2013 Shorthorn Gold Cup
Sired by Morwick Sand Ranger
Panarama Aramis daughter born October 2010
Son by West Spital Regiment sold to the Ashgrove herd
LTY 101,405 in 9 lactations, pred 13,531 with her 9th at 4.58% fat and 3.46% prot, Winner of Shorthorn Gold Cup 2015, 9* brood cow
Due Oct 2016 to Major, her son Dilema is our current stock bull with semen available, our first calf from him is on the ground
Our 1st ever 100t cow

Marleycote songstress 17


by Palmyra Burdette

Daughter of Songstress 8 EX91-2E (above) was 1st NEABDCS 2012 and
Reserve Champion Shorthorn at 2012 National Calf Show
1st heifer in calf and Reserve Junior champion Expo 2013
and 1st heifer in calf Northumberland 2013
1st Junior Cow at Expo 2015
Heifer champion at Expo 14 , Reserve Heifer champion GYS 14
Daughters by M Predator and M Jack

Pred 8984kg with 3rd, her Predator daughter has just calved at 2 years 2
1st recording 18 litres at 5.91% fat and 4.11 protein,
She also has a Sept 2015 heifer x Belagio

Marleycote Fleur 12


By Roesbet Lakeside

Dam - Marleycote Fleur 3 EX91, Gdam Fleur EX93

2013 son by Kayl Outback (M Reiver)
Nov 2014 bull x Prides Prophet

Fleur lost a quarter as an in calf heifer

LTY 78,755kg in 7 lactations, gave 11,310kg with her 7th
Semen available from her son Marleycote Reiver - lots of calves on the ground , She's due July to Storm

Daughters by Middle Emeralds Supreme (now VG85), Marleycote Raider and Maverick

Marleycote Fleur 24


By Marleycote Cosmonaut

Dam - Fleur EX93
She's a full sister to M Thunder at Genus

Daughters by Debonair and Autumn Gold
Lty 49,190kg in 5 lactations still giving 21kg, pred 9714kg with 5th
Her son Desparate Dan sold to the Ashgrove herd

Marleycote Fleur 30

Sold for breed record

Sired by Fradon Jet Red

Her dam is the EX93 13 * Marleycote Fleur who has given over 90 tonnes in 10 lacts, and is 4 times winner of the Dairy Shorthorn Gold Cup.

Fleur 30 is a maternal sister Marleycote Fleur 18 (above),
to Marleycote Thunder at Genus, Marleycote Lightening at Earlsgift, Marleycote Rampage VG88 at Marleycote, and a full sister to Marleycote Blizzard at Healey and Marleycote Lucky Man EX90 at Whichester.

She is also maternal sister to Marleycote Fleur 3 EX90 by Marleycote Thorndale Chester, and Marleycote Fleur 8 VG89 by Marleycote Jack

Honourable Mention at the National Calf Show
and 1st Maiden Heifer All Britain Photo Competition 2009
2010 National Shorthorn Junior Champion, selling for 3600gns making
a new breed record price -
Good luck to Drisgol Shorthorns on their purchase

She has bred an EX93 son and a VG86 heifer for the Drisgol herd

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