Marleycote Ayrshires as at February 2018 includes 12 EX, 18VG, 20 GP, 3 G and 1F 

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Marleycote Julia 2


M Julia 2 EX93-3E

By Muir Mr Magic 
Dam - Langton Julia EX92-5E LP80

Breed Champion Northumberland Show 2013

2nd prize Junior cow in milk GYS 2013 
2nd prize Junior cow in milk Westmorland show 2013

2018 update - Calved her 6th in Sept 2017 pred to 9348kg at 5.21% fat and 3.68% protein
She's In calf to Hunnington Jester
She has a VG86 daughter by Mandella that's pred to 7295kg at 4.87% fat and 3.85% protein with her 2nd and was 2nd In Calf Heifer Expo 2106

Marleycote Julia 3

M Julia 3 VG86

By Redsky JB Gerry red

Pictured left she is a daughter of M Julia 2 (above)

Reserve Champion Northumberland Show 2014
1st Heifer in Milk Cumberland Show 2014
1st PLI and 3rd Red and White Heifer Agriscot 2014
3rd Red and white Heifer Agriscot 2014

11,113kg at 4.87% fat and 3.58% protein in her 3rd

M Sea Lily 14

Marleycote Sea Lily 14- EX94-2E

BBBBy Des Prairies Potter

4th lact 12,556kg at 4.3% fat and 3.1% protein in 305 days
Dam is Marleycote Sea Lily 2 VG88
Gdam is Marleycote Sea Lily EX93-3E 1 *
2012 Great Yorkshire Show Heifer Champion
Sold Spring 2013 to the Mclean family, NI.
Hon Mention Expo 16

2018 update - We have her Prime daughter Marleycote Sea Llily 23 ET GP84 that gave 8396kg at 4.56% fat and 3.63% protein with her 1st, and is now due April to Stadium , She was 1st Heifer in Milk and Breed and Interbreed Champion Northumberland 2017 and 1st Heifer in Milk and Breed Champion and Reserve Interbreed Heifer at the 2017 GYS

Middle Lakeside Georgette Middle Lakeside Georgette VG89
Owned with Shaun Dixon

Daughters by Middle Emjest, Rampage (VG86) and Mandella

7th 8109kg in 305 days at 4.7% fat and 3.52% protein

One of her daughters below:-

marleycote georgette 2

Marleycote Georgette 2 VG86
2018 update - 12,936kg in her 3rd 305 days at 3.63% fat and 3.38% protein
She has a VG86 - 2yrs Bright Beam daughter giving 30kg/day

LTY 36,840 in 3 lactations kg

sea lily

Marleycote Sea Lily EX93-3E 2*

Dam of 5 natural born heifers of which 2 are EX and 3 VG
M Sea Lily 2 VG88 by Ranger
M Sea Lily 4 EX93-2E with EX97 Dairy strength by Nelson
M Sea Lily 5 EX90-2E (twin) by Kite
M Sea Lily 6 VG88 (twin) by Kite
M Sea Lily 9 VG86 by Winton Robbie

Previous Supreme Champion at Northumberland County Show

Sired by C Towers Autumn Gold

marleycote sea lily 15

Marleycote Sea Lily 5 EX90-2E

By Markwell Kite

6th lact 8204kg at 4.39% fat and 3.276% protein in 305 days

VG85 daughter by Brieryside Centurian

Her daughter by Middle Emerald Supreme is now EX91,
and pred 11,111kg with her 3rd


 Morwick Fawn 3


Morwick Fawn 3 EX94-7E 1* LP80

By Ketby ME Milestone

Photographed left after seven calves
Breed Champion GYS 2012
Supreme Champion Northumberland 2009
Best Cow NEABC 2007
Royal Highland Show Champion 2005

9th lact 8502kg at 4.88% fat and 3.23% protein in 305 days LTY over 80T

Dam of 1 EX and 5 VG daughters


LB140911-03 Marleycote Bronwyn

Marleycote Bronwyn 2 EX94-7E

By Horizon Ranger Red

Reserve Exhibitor Bred Great Yorkshire Show 2006,
2nd Junior Cow Ayrshire Photographic Competition 2006,
1st Fat and Protein NEABC Herds Competition 2006 and 2007
2014 show success - 1st pair of Ayrshires at Westmorland Show with M Annette 5
Has won the Northeast Ayrshire Herd Comp Butterfat and Protein class 6 times

Her VG88 Centurian daughter was 2nd Junior cow in milk South West Scotland Dairy Show 15 and was Ayrshire Champion and
Reserve Interbreed at NEABDCS 2012 and was a class winner at the National 2012

2018 update - Bronwyn 2 calved her 13th calf in Jan 2018 a bull x Mr Magic
Her daughters inclide a GP84 Gibbs heifer the VG88 3rd calf Centurian mentioned above and a Challenger GP82 heifer
Her LTY is 86,296kg in her first 12 lacts and now giving 27kg

Her son M Buster x Winton Robbie was Champion bull at Ayrshire National Sale 2014 and sold to the Troutbeck herd- he has progeny at Marleycote and Troutbeck

morwick ad queen

NEW -Morwick Ad Queen Red EX92-3E

By Duchess Advent Duke-Red

6th lact 10,655kg at 3.47% fat and 3.24% protein in 305 days
VG86 daughter by Burdette calved September 2017, Pred 8399kg in 1st lact, due September 2018 to Famous

LTY 63,357kg in 6 lacts

Owned with Parkhead and Cuthill Ayrshires
3rd gen VG or EX

houlton park jemima NEW- Progeny of Hulton Park Jemima 4 EX94-3E

By Brieryside Winning Hand

4th lact 10,151kg at 5.97% fat and 3.04% protein in 305 day

We already have a VG85 Haresfoot Simply Perfek daughter from this cow

Owned with Shaun Dixon

west mossgiel miss modern

NEW -West Mossgiel Miss Modern 28 EX93-2E

By West Mossgiel Aramis

Gdam VG86, GGDam EX93-2E
PLI is £218 (Dec 2017)
3rd lact 12,633kg at 5.77% fat and 3.21% protein

Calved her 4th in May 2017 and due 2018 to Blackadder Milkman
Champion and top price at Northern National Show and Sale 2017

1st Snr cow in Milk Stewarty Show 2016, 1st Production cow all breeds,
Member of 1st prize pair, Champion Ayrshire and Best Dairy Animal

1st prize PLI class Agriscot 2017

brown nell 20

Marleycote Brown Nell 20 EX93-2E (EX95 Mamm)

The first Burdette heifer to calve in the UK

Heifer Champion and Reserve Exhibitor Bred Champion GYS 2014
2nd Heifer in Milk UK Dairy Expo 2014
Reserve Champion Expo 2015
Breed Champion South West Scotland Show 2015,
3rd Senior cow Agriscot 15 behind eventual Champion and reserve,
1st Intermediate cow Expo 2016

4th lact 11,067kg at 3.99% fat and 3.31% protein in 288 days

Daughters by Falcon and Robbie

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